IPTV is when the media-to-broadcast content is Ethernet. Using large internet bandwidth, various broadcasting contents like TV, telephone, signage, video on demand, high speed internet etc can be delivered to end-user using a single UTP cable. Also, IPTV is a two-way communication. This means a hotel guest can communicate to the main hotel server to retrieve information like on-spot bill, room service ordering, laundering, car rental bookings, and messaging.

The possibilities of IPTV are almost endless. For eg: Menu cards can be translated into various international languages, to help the guests know about any dish that they wish to order. It can be in terms of calorific value, feel and look of a dish, preparation time and method. Further, centralized Remote management of set-top box of every room TV is possible. Each set-top box is individually addressable for any specific guest message or function.